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Men Grow Offline is an accountability group helping men get fit, lose weight, sleep better, boost testosterone levels, quit porn addictions, learn ED treatments, and so much more!

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A nice all-in-one testosterone supplement I pivoted to recently covered most of my required daily doses via one product (combined my individual Zinc, Copper, Boron, Magnesium, and Vitamin D supplements into one). 

Using all these testosterone hacks naturally increased my T levels from 300 to 671.

I temporarily experimented with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and loved it! But it is expensive to maintain. Here’s the TRT I used to boost my T levels to over 1000:

I felt like a teenager! Lifting more. Working out more intensely. Hornier and harder erections. Faster weight loss and more muscle gain. Plus that brand helped with testing, cycling, etc. Once I am older, I will definitely use TRT again. The science is rapidly improving in this space with gene therapy and more improvements inbound yet this decade, so I will keep this post updated with my lastest testing!

Erectile Dysfunction

Studies have shown applying lower-intensity, acoustic pulses to the penis shaft increases blood flow and restores erections for optimal performance: Acoustic Wave Therapy Device

Earthing (i.e. grounding) boosts the way your body functions, including decreased pain from inflammation and better blood flow: Grounding Mat

For immediate results, I did use generic ED meds the first few weeks of my recovery for a guaranteed erection before sex. After testing a few generic erectile dysfunction medication providers online, this was my favorite and easiest to get (confirmed my Rx with their doctor online for free and shipped in a discrete envelope): 

How To Stop Watching Pornography

Prevent yourself from ever seeing porn again. I suggest the AI-powered porn blocker 

A 90-day reset is the key first step in your journey toward overcoming porn addiction, reclaiming a healthy sexuality, and helping solve your erection issues!

Diet & Health

Your diet is crucial! Stick to a whole-food diet. Eliminate processed food and sugary drinks. Target consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of your goal body weight (e.g. 170 pounds = 170 grams of protein daily).

After reading about genetic testing in a few books, I decided to use a DNA test to determine what foods were hurting and helping my weight loss and muscle growth journey!

I had no idea that genetic testing would help me determine my body’s nutrient deficiencies!

The genetic test I used shows you exactly how your genes operate, what areas need improvement, and a roadmap on how to optimize it: